Transaction Monitoring

Transaction Monitoring

Great news: Transaction Monitoring is no longer a difficult job

Trust Alliance Compliance Solutions, ComplianceWise and SWIFT introduce: TM360˚. The automated tool which will assist financial institutions in monitoring all their transactions.

Know the flow

Financial institutions should ensure that their clients do not launder money or finance terrorism.
From now on you know exactly who your customers are, where their capital comes from and how their cash flows go, thanks to TM360˚.

No more mistakes

Automated processing of banking transactions;
Automated shipping payment orders;
Accurate output towards accounting application.

Screen your transactions

Our Risk Screening solution reveals risk hiding in your transactions. Our solution is a comprehensive and widely adopted source of structured intelligence on Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs), high risk individuals and organisations.

Countries covered

Sanctions, watch and regulatory list coverage.

Sources; extensive global media research.

Research hours per year.

Research analists.

Saction lists monitored.



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